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These regulations have been authorized by the Secretary of Tourism in exercise of the powers conferred by articles 57 of the Federal Tourism Law and article 6 of NOM_010_TUR_2001 and NOM-07 TUR-2002, and therefore it is binding to Operadora Galería San Jerónimo, SA DE C.V., with address at Avenida Contreras # 300, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice Mayor La Magdalena Contreras, C.P. 01020, who hereinafter will be called the “HOTEL” and on the other hand the user known hereinafter as the “GUEST”, who by virtue of the LODGING CONTRACT are subject to the observation and compliance with the following provisions:


  1. Once the conditions under which the HOTEL will provide the services offered to the GUEST have been accepted, the GUEST will be subject to the provisions of these regulations, considering it as a contract and will be obliged to comply with all its points.
  2. The following regulations will be valid for the duration of the stay or provision of services provided by the HOTEL to the GUEST and until the debt or expense derived from the provision of services to the GUEST is settled.
  3. The HOTEL does not reserve the provision of its services to any person for reasons of race, religion, sexual orientation, physical or socioeconomic condition, or for any other reason.
  4. The HOTEL reserves the right of admission of people who threaten the safety of guests and / or employees, and who come under the influence of alcohol or any unauthorized drug.
  5. The GUEST who presents an aggressive, threatening or disrespectful attitude in any way, either to the staff of the HOTEL or to its guests, the HOTEL will have the power to request their departure and may be reported to the competent authorities.
  6. The HOTEL is not obliged to apply any type of discount. Therefore, the promotions or discounts offered to the guest will be at the discretion of the HOTEL.
  7. THE HOTEL reserves the rights over the programming of internal activities, consumption centers, recreational areas and other services offered, which may be changed or modified according to the operation and needs of the HOTEL, without prior notice.
  8. All GUESTS who have a vehicle and circulate within the HOTEL property must respect the speed limits and safety regulations established by the same at all times. The hotel parking lot is for the exclusive use of guests and clients. The HOTEL is not responsible for damages caused to the vehicle derived from acts of God, force majeure or accidents caused by another vehicle, theft of parts or items left inside the vehicle.


  1. The HOTEL displays in the reception area its category, the current lodging rates and these regulations, in accordance with the provisions of NOM_010_-TUR_2001. The amount of the accommodation must be paid in full by the GUEST in the currency of the United Mexican States, in cash or valid credit card; Checks are not accepted as a form of payment. The HOTEL reserves the right to demand payment at the end of the stay or periodically, at the discretion and convenience of the HOTEL. In the event that the GUEST does not pay the HOTEL the total amount of the accommodation, the HOTEL Management will automatically terminate their accommodation contract, immediately demanding the eviction of the room and retaining the luggage as guarantee. If the HOTEL is not paid within thirty calendar days, it will have the power to carry out an inventory of the luggage with the presence of two witnesses to offer it for sale. If the HOTEL determines that the value of said luggage is less than the amount owed, it will proceed before the competent authorities.
  2. All GUESTS staying at the HOTEL will have the obligation to register on the guest registration card indicating their name, address and defining the dates of registration and departure from the HOTEL, as well as the name and age of the people who accompany them. For security reasons, at the time of the GUEST registration, a valid official identification with a photograph of all registered guests and their visits will be required. Photo ID must also match the name on the reservation.

The HOTEL reserves the right to deny entry to guests who do not have a valid photo ID. The data and personal information provided by the GUEST to the HOTEL will be collected, processed and stored in the terms and conditions of the Privacy Notice that was made known when entering the HOTEL at the reception or on the registration card and you can consult it for your comfort at the following electronic address:

  1. The cost of accommodation is per fraction or full day that will be computed from 15:01 hours of a day at 12:00 hours the next day and then having an hour of tolerance to vacate the room in its entirety. In case the GUEST does not vacate the room on time, an additional day of accommodation will be charged directly to his account.


  1. The rooms, common areas and consumption centers will be available for the exclusive use of the GUESTS during their time of stay or the provision of the services contracted with the HOTEL.
  2. Any person who is caught in the room of a GUEST, who has not been previously registered at the reception of the HOTEL and without the consent of the GUEST, will be reason enough for the Management to demand that person leave the room or even of the HOTEL with the legal implications that this entails, if there is any illicit derivative of this action. The Hotel reserves the right to exercise legal action.
  3. The use of candles, resins or paraffins inside the rooms, in addition to the use of combustion appliances or equipment is prohibited. Neither will food, fuel or chemical storage be allowed. The GUEST will be responsible for compensating or paying for the damage derived from a problem that affects the equipment or infrastructure of the room or the HOTEL.
  4. It is forbidden to hang wet clothes on the windows, furniture and electrical equipment of the room, as well as in places of common use that affect the public view. Any damage caused to the furniture and electrical equipment owned by the HOTEL will be the responsibility of the GUEST.
  5. The GUEST is prohibited from nailing or placing pictures, images or other objects on the walls, ceiling, floor and furniture, modifying or altering the decoration of the room and outdoor areas, having medicines or substances that due to their smell or stench make the room unpleasant. room environment and / or at the same time disturb other users.
  6. It is forbidden to use sound devices within the HOTEL facilities that disturb public order. The HOTEL management may request the GUEST to lower the sound levels thus ensuring the tranquility of the other guests.
  7. The towels are the property of the HOTEL and they are not allowed to leave the room, in the case of the pools they are provided free of charge within these areas. Towels loaned inside the pool must be returned the same day, during the pool’s operating hours and at the place where they were delivered. In case of loss, the cost of the same will be charged to the GUEST’s account. The HOTEL has a towel control system that must be respected in a timely manner by the GUEST.
  8. To make use of the pools, the GUEST must use adequate and appropriate clothing that does not damage hygiene or affect the morale of the other guests. The pools do not have a lifeguard or lifeguard service, so any accident due to recklessness of the GUEST will be the GUEST’s full responsibility.
  9. For safety, it is forbidden to consume food and use glasses or glass bottles in the pool areas, within them and in other aquatic recreation areas.
  10. The GUEST must respect and conduct themselves in accordance with the regulations and standards of conduct established by the HOTEL for the use of common use, recreation, sports and aquatic areas, if applicable.
  11. The introduction of food and beverages to the HOTEL facilities is not allowed.


  1. Drones are remotely piloted aircraft, their misuse can pose a risk to physical security, data protection and privacy of our guests, visitors and property on the ground. For this reason, the Hotel prohibits the use for recreational purposes of any remotely piloted aircraft at its facilities. In case of non-compliance, the Hotel Management may request to stop its use and, where appropriate, request the guest and / or visitor to be surprised while piloting an aircraft, to leave the Hotel for security reasons and mainly for the protection of privacy. of our guests. Regulations: Mandatory Circular dated April 8, 2015 issued by the Secretary of Communications and Transport and the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics, which establishes the requirements to operate a remotely piloted aircraft system.


24. The Hotel protects the wild flora and fauna found within its facilities in accordance with the regulations established in Mexico by the competent authorities in environmental matters. Guests and visitors must at all times respect the flora and fauna found within the Hotel facilities. Any non-compliance will be the reason for the General Management of the Hotel to request their departure. In the event of physical or material damage intentionally caused by the guest or visitor, the Hotel will file a claim for damages and a complaint to the competent environmental authorities.



  1. The restaurants will be in service from MONDAY to SUNDAY from 06:30 to 12:00 for breakfast, from 12:00 to 18:00 for lunch and from 18:00 to 23:00 for lunch. Dinner. The bars will be operating from MONDAY to SUNDAY from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. All prices published in the HOTEL facilities are final prices in terms of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection and the Federal Tourism Law.
  2. To make use of the consumption centers, the GUEST must comply with the established dress code, which will be available in each consumption center, reception, guest service and services folder located in the room, searching at all times not affect the morals, good manners and hygiene of the other guests.
  3. The HOTEL will deny the service and sale of alcoholic beverages to any GUEST who is visibly intoxicated by alcohol or any type of enervating substance, thus guaranteeing the safety of himself and the other GUESTS. The HOTEL may reserve the right to request the GUEST to alter public order due to the influence of alcohol or any illegal enervating substance, to leave the consumption center or public area and go to their room. In case of refusal, it may be referred to the competent authorities.


  1. The entry of pets or animals is prohibited, with the exception of those guests who, due to a disability of the GUEST, require the company of a guide dog or service animal in accordance with the provisions of the General Law for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities from the United Mexican States.



  1. Based on the General Law for Tobacco Control, its regulations and applicable laws, smoking is prohibited in the areas and rooms of the HOTEL that are not intended for it. The GUEST who does not comply with this provision will be referred to the competent authority who will establish the corresponding fine. The HOTEL, if necessary, will have the power to make an additional charge for laundry, dry cleaning and deodorization of bedspreads, blankets, etc.
  2. The consumption of substances that are not regulated and considered illegal in Mexico is prohibited. Whoever is caught consuming said substances will be referred to the competent authorities.


  1. In compliance with the official Mexican standard NOM-010-TUR-2001 and NOM-07 TUR-2002, the GUEST has a civil liability insurance in force during the time of their stay and whose claim has occurred within the hotel facilities.



  1. The GUEST and their guests must respect the marked roads, as well as the signs and notices in the common areas.



  1. In the event of the death of the GUEST, their relatives or companions must immediately notify the HOTEL management in order for it to notify the Office of the Public Ministry in turn to order what is appropriate according to the law and for the next of kin or companions may dispose of the body, which may not move from the area until the corresponding authority authorizes it.
  2. The HOTEL is not responsible for the prices and quality of the services provided by THIRD PARTIES that are offered within or contracted outside the HOTEL facilities: travel agencies, medical services, babysitting services, aesthetics, crafts, transportation service, events and meetings, among others. Likewise, the HOTEL reserves the right of admission to THIRD PARTIES who intend to provide services within the HOTEL’s facilities.
  3. The HOTEL is not responsible for valuables not deposited in the safety boxes located in the rooms.
  4. Minors are the responsibility at all times of the GUEST of legal age and must ensure their safety, ensuring that during the entire stay they do not cause inconvenience to other guests or damage to the integrity of the HOTEL’s facilities. The GUEST will be responsible throughout their stay for any accident that the minor may suffer within the HOTEL facilities. In the case of children’s recreation areas and / or children’s club, GUESTS must sign the corresponding regulation at the time of registration and whose purpose is the safety of minors.
  5. If any GUEST becomes ill, the HOTEL Management is empowered to demand their immediate medical attention, and if the disease is contagious, the HOTEL Management will notify the coordinated public health services to act appropriately. The GUEST will be responsible for the payment of the medical service, transfer or any type of care received.



  1. The following are grounds for termination of the HOSTING CONTRACT by the GUEST: a. Failure by the HOTEL to comply with the terms and conditions of the LODGING CONTRACT. b. Attempt against the physical and moral integrity of the GUEST by the HOTEL employees. In such cases, the HOTEL will only reimburse the GUEST for the amount of the advance paid, less the charges already generated per room and other consumptions, which must always be paid to the HOTEL.


  1. The following are grounds for termination of the ACCOMMODATION CONTRACT without responsibility for the Hotel:
  2. a. Failure by the GUEST to comply with the terms and conditions of the HOSTING CONTRACT and these regulations. For not paying in a timely manner the total amount generated by the provision of services made by the HOTEL to the GUEST.
  3. b. In the event that the GUEST shows up in a state of intoxication or under the influence of any type of illegal enervating substance and disturbs the rest and tranquility of the other GUESTS or incurs in faults of morals, good manners or aggression to any employee of the HOTEL.
  4. Attack the physical and moral integrity of the other GUESTS and employees and their belongings.
  5. d. Damaging partially or totally the facilities, equipment and furniture that the HOTEL makes available to the GUEST or their guests. In case of incurring any damage.
  6. e. The GUEST is obliged to pay the HOTEL, the cost that involves the repair or replacement of any object, furniture or material property of the HOTEL that has been totally or partially damaged, either by carelessness or intentionally. The GUEST must report to reception any damage in his room immediately after he has taken possession of it (broken glass, scratched furniture, burned, etc.). Otherwise, the HOTEL could make him responsible for the damages.
  7. f. Facilitate access to guests or pets outside the HOTEL to make use of the facilities and enjoy the privileges enjoyed by the GUEST, without prior authorization registered at the hotel reception. To steal any equipment, furniture or protected species that are owned or found within the HOTEL’s facilities.
  8. g. Carry any type of weapon or illegal substance that endangers the guests and / or employees of the HOTEL. To the GUEST who is caught carrying a weapon still with a weapon license, for the safety of the guests and HOTEL staff, the Management will request its receipt in the safe in their room.
  9. h. The GUEST will be responsible for compensating for any type of physical or moral damage intentionally caused to third parties within the HOTEL facilities and will be referred to the competent authorities.

40.- In the event that the HOTEL rescinds the HOSTING CONTRACT to the GUEST for any of the aforementioned reasons, the HOTEL will be empowered to demand and carry out the eviction of the room assigned to the GUEST, being able to use the public force as well as retain the GUEST’s luggage as a guarantee for the damages and losses caused by their proceeding to the HOTEL, without prejudice to the HOTEL making effective the promissory note called VOUCHER to guarantee the payment obligations at its expense.


  1. Any complaint, suggestion or congratulation that the GUEST has about the quality of the service provided is recommended to be noted in the corresponding format that can be requested at the reception of the HOTEL.



  1. In the unforeseen cases of this regulation, the provisions of the Lodging Establishment Regulation that are in force, the Federal Tourism Law, the Official Mexican Norm and other legal provisions that apply will be addressed.